CES Asia

In mid-March, we said we would cancel CES Asia 2020 due to the pandemic. CTA has now decided to cancel CES Asia going forward. We have enjoyed annual growth and success since CES Asia was launched in 2015 in Shanghai. We evaluate our events in light of the changing needs of our industry and the priorities of our members and exhibitors. Given the pandemic, the economy, and our visible role as an American trade association, we have decided to focus on other CES related programs and serving the interests of our industry and how innovation can make all of us healthier, safer and better.



We appreciate the support over the past several years our partner at Intex Shanghai and co-organizers China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery (CCCME). We also thank all of our exhibitors and attendees who have contributed to making the show such a success. China is an important market and we look forward to improved relations with the US and western world.

在此,我们特别感谢在过去几年里给予我们无私支持的合作伙伴 – 上海国展展览中心有限公司(Intex Shanghai)以及特别协办单位 – 中国电子商会(CECC)和中国机电产品进出口商会(CCCME)。同时,我们也对所有的参展企业和观众表达由衷的谢意,正是得益于你们的支持和帮助,我们才能办出这样一个成功的展会。中国是一个非常重要的市场,我们也期待中国与包括美国在内的西方国家的关系能够得到进一步加强。